When your still life products need to portray that little bit of an extra flair, you can turn to a lifestyle or editorial shoot. Popular for use across website homepages and social media platforms, inject some creativity into your product collections online. Take a look at our work and learn more about the process below…

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Using colours and props we are able to compliment the product as well as create flattering group shots to show off a full collection. The images can have a myriad of different applications, from banners, to social media promotions, or simply as an additional way to show off the more aspects of the product. Work with our expert photographers and stylists to get that perfect angle and flawless lighting that will convey your product with a cohesive story and elevate your product. Styling the products with care and attention to detail makes all the difference in your brand perception. Our stylists will follow your brief and offer different styling options, and ultimately bring to life any ideas you may have regarding the direction of the brand or campaign. We offer a wide selection of colour background options, and varied textures, from soft fabrics and furs, to shiny metallic textures and surfaces.However simple or complicated, our skilled team here at KKS Studio will add that extra bit of flare to bring the products to life. All products are perfectly folded, styled and placed together with the addition of any props as well. Every brand needs to tell their story, so why not let your products convey your brand with the engaging visuals of an editorial style shoot.