Tailored photography solutions for Magee 1866.

Launching a brand or ecommerce website can be a daunting task, updating your existing website to keep up with industry trends and buying behaviours can be just as challenging. The value of product photography is no longer questioned within this process; quality product images are the key driver for consumer engagement, conversion and retention.

In this iGen world, it’s difficult to follow one process, or style of photography that delivers relevant web imagery across all your digital platforms and expect it to keep producing results. This is one area of your business that keeps evolving and if you don’t grow with it and embrace the change, you will surely see the effects of this.

Successful online businesses are constantly looking at ways to improve their online product presentation for many reasons: to better represent their brand identity, improve consumer appeal and conversion rates, meet ever-demanding budgets, stay relevant in a competitive e-tail world, to comply with online retail or market place guidelines or to simply hit the refresh button each season.

Case studies are a great way to learn fast and better understand how you can apply the experiences of others to your own business model. Here we draw upon our experience working with and finding photography solutions for industry leading luxury brand and retailer, Magee 1866…

The Beginning:

Magee 1866 first approached KKS studio when they were looking to improve the quality and consistency of their invisible mannequin photography online. Magee have been designing and weaving luxury fabrics and specialising in tailored garments for over 100 years. Every Magee collection, whether it be fabric, garment or accessory is designed to reflect their distinctive heritage with a contemporary twist. Unsatisfied with the overall presentation of their formalwear collections, a challenging product range to translate online, they asked us help…

We put together a detailed brief outlining our ability to work with the garment, ensuring it fit and fell upon our mannequin perfectly. The formalwear in particular, needed to look true to form, luxurious and full of heritage. We set out to capture exact angles and shots for each product category, ensuring all product collections were 100% consistent and of the highest quality whatever landing page or filters the consumer selected online.

Fitting a blazer on a mannequin is challenging, skilled styling is required to ensure the garment sit’s correctly and retains it’s luxury appeal. The addition of detail shots, angles and fabric swatches all add to the product offering. Establishing how many shots, details and compositions are needed in advance will allow you to plan your budget and ensure your brand identity is reflected online.

Magee like most clients like to establish a clear brief and budget well in advance. We conducted a trial shoot, so they knew what they wanted to achieve and the output, helping them feel more in control of their imagery when using a third party studio. Our procedures at KKS ensure we get as much information as possible from every client before we go ahead with their very first shoot. Information gathering and brief creation is key when working with any new business, big or small. We will emmerse ourselves in your product and become an additional member of your team. No matter how time consuming for us, we believe this process is essential to form a strong relationship and deliver the best possible images for our clients.

The Connection

After successfully delivering Magee’s invisible mannequin photography for several seasons and building a much-loved relationship with the brand, it was inevitable that we would become more involved in their marketing campaigns.

We began to work with Magee across other photography services, at a time when the brands digital transformation was really taking off. By now we were a trusted partner and knew the Magee business well enough to propose our vision of delivering a single, integrated program offering: ecommerce model imagery, digital campaign photography, Still Life and editorial lifestyle photography. All for use across digital channels, own brand website, in-store promotional material, print, press and social media platforms.

As a result of this solo photography agency approach, Magee have seen the benefits not just across their image quality, quantity and consistency but also from a cost and time saving perspective too. Logistically, we were able to deliver all forms of photography while product was in our studio for the mannequin photography shoot. Turnaround times are much quicker meaning content or image distribution for Magee was being developed much earlier than ever before. With a dedicated account management,everything from model bookings and art direction to image resizing and renaming by product code is taken care of.

Displaying invisible mannequin alongside model imagery online is working for Magee; their use of still life product imagery across email and social channels is also performing very well. Of course all of this will change again as the digital landscape moves on…but you can be sure KKS and Magee will be working together to stay ahead of the game.

Visit Magee online www.magee1866.com

Our Promise 

We make it our business to understand your business! Online imagery needs to keep evolving to be a success, it’s good to get a fresh pair of eyes on your site and review your approach. KKS Studio specialises in ecommerce product photography. We understand what it takes to convey a brands story through beautiful imagery. We use industry standard methods across all forms of photography and can analyse your existing website imagery, make recommendations based on your product type, audience and competitors. This is what sets us apart, we tailor our approach and photography style for each individual client, working for you and always looking ahead.

For more information contact us here: www.kksstudio.co.uk/contact