Flat Lay Photography 101

In a visually saturated world, where scrolling is everyone’s favourite pastime, your brand and business needs to have quality images to convey your message. May it be a service or a product, quality, eye-catching visuals are key.

Flay lay photography can be used on your website, banners, instagram, email promotions, and more.

Along with basic product photography, there is always potential to elevate the products further alongside the brand message.

Flat lay photography is an effective way to elaborate on the visuals and values of the brand. For some extra inspiration, you can check out our past work here.


Where to Begin

Start with what colour you associate your brand or this particular collection. Studies show a distinguishable colour palette in your visuals increases brand recognition by 80%. So make sure your colour is noticeable and different from your competitors.


Show Your Value

Next, show your values through your visuals. This can often be portrayed with different settings and props. Even how the props are set up can show your brand message. A fun streetwear brand versus a luxury pen brand will use their props in very different ways.

64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason for their loyalty to a particular brand, so make sure your message is clear to your audience.


A Quality Finish

Then work with lighting to emphasize your props. Use simple bright lighting and natural light to create a feeling of causal ease. Or use dramatic studio lighting to get that high-end editorial look.

The opportunities are endless, but again, stick to what fits your brand.

Lead the Eye

Keep things flat or lift them up. There are so many different ways flat lay photography can be achieved, and it definitely doesn’t have to be flat. Here at the studio, we have various cubes, shapes, and textures we use to create levels within an image to draw your eye all through the image.


Don’t Overcomplicate Things

When in doubt, keep it simple. Your product ultimately is the hero piece in any photo, so you really don’t need to go overboard with too many props. A refined idea will always do better. A simple arrangement of products can be just as effective, and our stylists will get all of those layouts and angles juuuust right.

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