What goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot or a video shoot is not as pleasant on the eyes as the finished image/video would be. There are multiple elements, which need to come together at the right time and place for a successful shoot.

What starts off as a concept or an idea needs to be brought to life and to capture this moment it doesn’t just take a good Photographer, but a team of Models, Art Directors, Stylists, Make up artists and Hair stylists to name a few. To find the perfect location if its indoors or outdoors, to make a cold winters day look like it was sunny and warm for a Spring/Summer collection all of this takes a fair amount of experience and skill.

For an established brand or a new one, the imagery and videography helps tell their story. It could be for E-commerce, Social Media, Catalogue, Banners or for all these platforms. The first thing as our job as a studio, is to understand the brand and what your client has in mind…this will help set the tone of your shoot. An experienced studio will be able to suggest models and artists to enhance the brand. With the current array of modelling and creative agencies available around the world, nowadays you won’t fall short of options, however they do vastly vary in cost. As a client, it is important to understand where to keep the budgets low and where you should not consider to compromise.

Most model shoots will start off with an early morning Extra strong coffee! And Hair and Makeup for the model, briefing the MUA of the concept and look would be first of many jobs for the day. Whilst this is coming together the photographer will get the set and lights ready for test shoots and make sure we are ready to start as soon as the models look is complete. Time management is crucial, especially when working on an E-commerce shoot. We would usually have a whole collection of clothes to get through in a day, and turnaround plays an important role for these along with the quality of course…. Then it’s show time!

The stylist is ready for every outfit change for the model and the HMUA is ready with a brush in one hand and hairspray in the other, to run in between shots to manage any strayed hair or makeup touch ups; An on the other hand, there will be someone managing all these clothes on a spread sheet to make sure we have named and numbered every item so the client will have all the files marked and categorised, for the ease of locating particular product images from over a 1000 images that will be shot on an average day. The clothes will be de tagged and re tagged, and handled with care to make sure they are always kept in good condition…the stylist will constantly hover around the model to make sure everything fits him/her like it was customised for them and ensure the garment flows effortlessly…clothes are constantly being steamed and sometimes re steamed, whilst the photographer will usually have a various different colouramas and props to use during a full days shoot.

The photographer’s eye for detail and ability to visualise the perfect shot whilst the model moves around is the key at this stage. Without the right shot we cannot move on to the next outfit so you can imagine how much time this can consume… the marriage of a model, outfit, and the photographer is crucial at this point. This entire process is repeated numerous times with different outfits, make up changes, model changes…Until IT’S A WRAP!