You might wonder how is it possible to make clothes look 3D and naturally filled out with nothing but thin air in the middle.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to communicate and enlist the help of actual ghosts, and instead our team of stylists, photographers, and retouchers make this magic happen.

So to make sure you get the most out of this supernatural product photography method, here are just a few things to bear in mind.


Your Photography Brief

Our team will contact you before be start photographing, to make sure we have all the possible details, so we have a clear idea on the kind of styling and lighting, and what kind of finish you are looking for in the final images. If you can send us any visual examples of any similar products and the styling you like, this will help us when shooting and ensure you are happy with the final images.



All of the products are hung and steamed, so they look their very best on our mannequins. We put care and attention to the styling of the products on the mannequin, making sure they fit well, are symmetrical, and no large creases are visible. To create a more fitted and slim look, we use small pins and clips, to achieve the right shape of the garment on the mannequin. If necessary, we will also fill out the garments with some extra padding of stuffing or we can let the fabric fall naturally, for a more relaxed style fit. These details are all discussed prior to the shoot so we have a clear idea of what you are looking for and deliver the results you need.

Our skilled photographers will then capture this in high resolution, making all those small details count.


Different Mannequins and Their Fit

We have many different mannequins here at the studio, and will endeavour to find the perfect fit for your garments.

As a general guideline, the sizes we find fit best are below:


Mens Mannequin


40 inch chest

34 inch waist

Smaller Mens Mannequin

Plus Size Mens mannequin

Womens Mannequin

Size 8-10 or a Small

Plus Size Womens Mannequin

Child Mannequin

Age 3/4

Age 8-10



The studio uses professional lighting to literally show the products in the best light, making sure they are evenly lit, and that the colour is accurately conveyed in the final image.


Post-Production and Retouching

Then the digital magic happens! Our team of retouchers remove all of the unnecessary background, remove the mannequin and fill in the missing details, resulting in the final ghost mannequin image, that lets your clients imagine themselves in your product.

There really is SO much you can do in post-production nowadays, and if required, we can manipulate the images to your desired shape and size. We will also remove any creases or uneven edges, so the final images look neat perfectly fitted.


So there you have it. All spooky myths de-bunked. It takes a keen eye for detail, and plenty of skill and experience to produce the best looking invisible mannequin product shots.